Born out of despair.

Professor Russell Travis created his paperweight gift item for fellow suffering scribes during a random act of creativity, an epiphenomenon of having been repeatedly stymied in failed attempts to complete a longish academic manuscript. Conceived while on sabbatical and living in a lighthouse on the Central Coast of California, The Original Writer’s Block® is a brainchild born out of personal frustration and near despair.


Lemons into lemonade.

This experience is a memorable illustration of the art of turning lemons into lemonade, an instructive example of what can occur if one squeezes the lemons hard enough. Silver linings come in all shapes and functions, of course, and this one materialized in the form a smartly finished wooden cube, soon heralded as: the paperweight with a higher purpose.


A healthy dose of whimsy.

We know that even those blessed with the most fertile literary imaginations will, on occasion, suffer the pangs of a bone-deep creative paralysis. Kicking writer’s block is for sure a complex challenge, but sometimes all it takes is the injection of a healthy dose of whimsy into the mix.


A bit of chutzpah.

Several years subsequent to the creation of The Original Writer’s Block® paperweight, Dr. Travis began offering a course titled, Procrastination, Writer’s Block® and Creativity, only to be taken by surprise by an unexpectedly robust student enrollment. The bottom line is that it takes a bit of chutzpah to sign up for this kind of class, which is tantamount to a public admission that one is a procrastinator, or worse.


Superb craftsmanship.

Sculpted in the finest American tradition, it is hoped that this out-of-the-ordinary conversation piece will bring new vitality to the writing process. Each quality piece has been superbly crafted to make an attractive appearance on any desk.


Don't procrastinate! Get yours today.